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WhatsProblem offers a genuine brand development opportunity. You’ve worked with agencies and experts before, but now you need somebody that truly focuses on your objectives and Provides the experience your team needs.

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Using our experience and expertise from across the Amazon Marketplace, SupplyKick provides a dedicated partnership, tailored strategy, and expert execution to increase your sales on Amazon. We offer our partners two solutions:

Multi-Channel eCommerce
Marketing Agency


Amazon represents 48% of e‑commerce sales and 46% of product search in the United States and a growing percentage worldwide. We can help you become more successful on the largest e‑commerce market place on Earth.


We can help you fuel your growth via latest e‑commerce marketing strategies including influencer outreach, affiliate and social media marketing or focus on more traditional e‑commerce strategies such as website design, SEO, email marketing and PPC. 


Focusing on traditional distribution channels is still a core component to the retail business. We can help you establish additional distribution networks  or leverage existing channels for maximum brand impact.  


Are you interested in the viability of alternative marketplaces such as Etsy, E‑Bay, Walmart or Target? We can help you get setup and grow in these market places while protecting your MSRP and MAP pricing.

Our Services

At WhatsProblem, we think of our selves as your Brand Champions. We will help your brand be successful via a strong eCommerce principles and Amazon best practices. When you work with us, it is like getting a division of your company that exclusively focuses on eCommerce and Amazon Marketing.  As a full service eCommerce and Amazon Agency, we will educate, collaborate, strategize, and grow with you. 

Amazon Advertising Managemnet

Our service will deliver the right campaigns and targeting to improve sales, decrease ACoS, and fuel growth.

Google Ads

Develop a custom advertising strategy that is perfectly aligned with your business and sales goals.

Amazon Account Management

Let our team of experts handle the day-to-day responsibilities of marketing, reporting and case management.

Google Shopping

We’ll increase reach, expand visibility, and generate the highest ROI possible from your advertising spend.

Amazon Product Optimization

Become more competitive by applying the right content, product and brand optimization strategy to build lift.

Amazon Consulting

Receive the expertise you need to make important marketing and strategy decisions with confidence.

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66% of product searches begin on Amazon. It’s imperative your listings are consistent with your brand and vividly showcase your product.